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They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul,
With no words spoke her eyes had said, “That life had took its toll.”

Behind her personality she tried to hide,
Not realizing that imitation was suicide.

Pretending as if everything was in its place,
But I could see the pain in her face.

I never knew the true meaning of unfair,
Until I asked her how did she end up in special care.

And her soul she had began to pour,
But my heart could not take it anymore.

Just visualizing her life experiences through her eyes,
And through her testimony hearing her cries.

From being nurtured and cared,
And now she is scared.

She once was happy with her mother,
Until her uncle had the misconception that she was his lover.

It started out with just a touch,
Until he started to feel that wasn’t much.

He wanted more but she wasn’t willing to give but he was willing to take,
And so her he decided to rape.

He raped her and threatened to kill her if she would tell,
And eventually she noticed that she didn’t feel well.

Her uncle poisoned her just to conceal,
He didn’t want to get caught so her he was willing to kill.

Eventually her mother had walked in when she found him having sex with her other kids too,
This was something that no one should have to go through.

But her pain didn’t stop there,
Although it was already too much for a child to bare.

Just when she thought her nightmares were ending,
More problems were beginning.

Because her mother wouldn’t have sex with the landlord he put them out,
Which was sad because rent wasn’t what it was all about.

Living in the street,
Just trying to find food to eat.

Just trying to find a way to survive,
They were living but didn’t feel alive.

Seeking help from a shelter,
But they didn’t take time to help her.

Back on the streets again,
Giving her most prized possession to men.

Just trying to make it through,
What else was she to do?

She’s been in seventy foster homes within a year,
And now at 15 she’s ended up here.

And now she’s putting on a façade,
So her life won’t seem so odd.

She is concealing her pain,
And at times she doesn’t feel that she is sane.

All her sorrows has taken its toll,
Of thoughts what tomorrow holds.

At night she cries herself to sleep,
Because that is the only time that she feels she can weep.

She dreams of her death,
Because she feels as if she has nothing left.

But the streets changing is symbolic because it’s God’s way of showing you that things won’t be the same,
And your death just meant that that’s where you will end up if you keep feeling shamed.

And it’s not ok to be uncertain about your aspirations and your dreams,
Because Faith without works won’t get you anything.

And there is no need to fear,
God didn’t bring you this far in order to leave you here!

And stop thinking that you have to give your most prized possession,
And you are not gay so stop thinking that girls are your obsession.

And I understand that you have a hard time trusting another,
Don’t let your past stop you from finding a lover.

Looking for love in all the wrong places,
Seeking help from all the wrong faces.

They found an abandoned house but to them it was their home,
A family united together and not alone.

Her mother eventually found a boyfriend to help them out,
Staying together was what it was all about.

Even though he sold her drugs,
He showed them love and gave them hugs.

It was the first father figure that the children had,
Seeing him being murdered made them sad.

They shot him six times in the chest,
Taking the only father they had left.

And although one suspect is in jail,
Eight victims lives were nothing but hell.

So when the police came to investigate the crime,
They realized this family had been living in an abandoned house the whole time.

So protective services came in and separated them all,
This was just the beginning of Troy’neisha’s fall.

Without her family what was she to do?
Without them she felt she couldn’t make it through.

Just thirteen,
And already she’s experienced these things.

A lover as in Christ,
Because he loved you enough to save your life.

And all would be in vain if you just gave u here,
Vista is your journey but your destination is not here.

God is trying to mold you into the person he wants you to be,
But you must open up your eyes and see..............................
That through Christ Jesus you Troyneisha can be all that you want to be!!!!!!!

-S. Samantha Smith-

(c) 2007