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My monsters don't exist in a closet
Or underneath my bed
I can't hide under the covers
And just play I'm dead.

No, my monsters once lived inside me
And they gnawed at me all day.
They taunted me with their insults
Cause I was their fated prey.

They danced inside my mind
And they lingered in my heart
They knew my innermost secrets
And my innocence they tore apart.

No, my monsters once lived inside me
And they told me not to tell
They told me if I did
That I would go to hell.

They whipped me with their fresh scars
Of fear and terror and pain
They induced me with guilt pills
So I could not bear the shame.

Now my monsters live
In tall buildings
Behind bullet-proof vanes
My monsters live in houses
With socially approved names
My monsters lives in courthouses
Where your life is ironed on papers
My monsters live in mansions
Discussing their latest capers
My monsters live with children
Causing them more grief.

I killed my own monsters
But there is still no relief.

Yes, my monsters may be
Faded fragments of my past
But I still have my toy sword
Against it's sinister grasp.
And with it I will wield
A monster of revenge
Against your faulty perception
Of being justice's friend.

John Dunn
(c) 2007