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My own personal experience reconnecting with family members inspired me to provide Foster Finders for other former foster children, in the hope that we can walk the healing bridge that ends our isolation.
For anyone interested in discovering somebody, who might be looking for you, post your request and contact information here.

Walking with you,

hello my name is wayne hayward i am living in b c and am looking for my younger sister. linda hayward we all (4) be came crown wards and seperated in 1977 in windsor ontario (she was born in 1971) we had bief contact in the 90s i have learned that she was adopted by the vermette family in cottom ontario she was married breifly to lazlo jutasi then moved to b c.
when i was a crown ward living at windsor group thearpy home in the late 70s i made the only true frind i have ever had danny lawrence it was brif but meaningful it was brief because danny was adopted by the brown family of ottawa. i would love to now how he is.
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