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One day God planted a seed
God loved the seed.
He asked that someone care for it
Give it food and water, nurture it
so it could grow,
but no one did.
He commanded that on one did stomp on it,
try to destroy it,
but someone did.
Weeds began to grow covering the ground
where the plant should have been.
For years seeing only the weeds
everyone assumed
the seed was dead.
Then God sent someone else
to pull the weeds.
It was a difficult job,
but he continued to pull.
Others saw and helped,
offering food and water.
Amazingly, the seed had survived,
it had only been resting in the dark.
With much hard labor of itself and others,
it has sprouted out of the darkness,
slowly it grows
toward the light.
Perhaps someday it will grow
to become a beautiful flower,
giving joy to others
as others have given to it.
At times the young plant begins to wilt,
new weeds crop up around it.
But the gardeners are always there
Offering food and water,
Nurturing it---so it can grow.
One day God planted a seed
God does love the seed.
He wants it to grow
to become a flower.

Julie Marie
(c) 2007